Evil Clowns – Battle Royale!

There’s nothing better than watching some of our favorite clowns work out their differences in the boxing ring. In the end, only one clown can win the crown! While our feisty fools prepare for battle, you can watch influencers fight it out on The Last Influencer Standing.

Prom Queens vs. Science Club

Sparks fly when prom queens battle for points against the high school science club. You never know if they’ll fall in love, or just kill each other. Or both. While you’re waiting for this show to be released, check out The Last Influencer Standing. Fun for the whole family!

Karen Meets the Manager

When Karen meets the manager–watch out! When we pit five of the most vicious Karens against five brave managers, the sparks fly as we see who will give in first. This is one place where Karen is done speaking to the manager and wants to take it to the next level! While you’re waiting for […]

Chads vs. Incels

Incels never get a chance to confront Chads about the wrongs they feel. Or do they? Join in the fun as the two groups form unlikely alliances and fight for what they believe in. In the meantime, check out our current show, The Last Influencer Standing.